Demmer Design and Construction Committee


Date Agenda Minutes Documents
11-28-2017 DCC Meeting 11-28-2017 DCC Agenda Minutes  2017-11-28_Design_Meeting_Minutes
11-21-2017 DCC Meeting 11-21-2017 DCC Agenda 112117 RM Minutes
11-15-2017 DCC Meeting 11-15-2017 DCC Agenda

11-15-2017 DCC Agenda – AMENDED

111517 RM Minutes  2017-11-15 Design Meeting – Minutes
11-13-2017 DCC Meeting – Site visit to Nicolet College, Rhinelander 11-13-2017 DCC Agenda 111317 RM Minutes
11-09-2017 DCC Meeting 11-09-2017 DCC Agenda 110917 RM Minutes
11-01-2017 DCC Meeting 11-01-2017 DCC Agenda 110117 RM Minutes  2017-11-01 Design Meeting – Minutes
10-25-2017 DCC Meeting 10-25-2017 DCC Agenda 102517 RM Minutes
10-24-2017 Plan Commission 10-24-2017 LB DCC NOTICE OF POSSIBLE QUORUM
10-19-2017 DCC Meeting 10-19-2017 DCC Agenda 101917 RM Minutes 2017-10-19 Design Meeting Minutes – Hoffman
10-17-2017 DCC Meeting 10-17-2017 DCC Agenda 101717 RM Minutes
09-28-2017 DCC Meeting 09-28-2017 DCC Agenda 092817 RM Minutes  2017-09-28 Design Meeting Minutes – Hoffman
09-14-2017 DCC Meeting 09-14-2017 DCC Agenda 091417 RM Minutes 09-14-2017 Design Meeting Minutes – Hoffman
08-24-2017 DCC Meeting 08-24-2017 DCC Agenda 082417 RM Minutes 08-24-2017 Design Meeting Minutes – Hoffman
07-18-2017 DCC Meeting 071817 RM Agenda 071817 RM Minutes
07-10-2017 DCC Meeting 071017 RM Agenda 071017 RM Minutes
07-10-2017 DCC Meeting 071017 Short List of Memorandum of Understanding
06-21-2017 DCC Meeting 062117 RM Agenda 062117 RM Minutes
06-06-2017 DCC Meeting 06-06-2017 DCC Agenda 060617 RM Minutes
05-31-2017 DCC Architect Interviews – CLOSED SESSION 05-31-2017 DCC Special Meeting Agenda 053117 CS Minutes
05-23-2017 05-23-2017 DCC NOTICE OF POSSIBLE QUORUM
05-18-2017 DCC Meeting 05-18-2017 DCC Agenda 051817 RM Minutes
05-03-2017 DCC Meeting 05-03-2017 Agenda 050317 RM Minutes
04-24-2017 DCC Meeting 04-24-2017 Agenda 042417 RM Minutes
04-18-2017 04-18-2017 DCC NOTICE OF POSSIBLE QUORUM
04-06-2017 DCC Meeting 04-06-2017 DCC Agenda 040617 RM Minutes
03-27-2017 DCC Meeting 3-27-2017 DCC Agenda 032717 RM Minutes
03-16-2017 DCC Meeting 03-16-2017 DCC Agenda


031617 RM Minutes

The purpose of the Design and Construction Committee (DCC) is to advise the Demmer Board of Trustees on all matters relating to the $2 million expansion and renovation of the Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library. It is the goal of the Demmer Board of Trustees to complete the renovation and expansion successfully, within approved budgets, and in full compliance with all applicable laws. Therefore, they have charged the DCC with 3 objectives:

Objective 1: Confirm that the Demmer Library Needs Assessment remains an appropriate guide. (If it needs alteration, submit suggestions to the Board.)

Objective 2: Throughout the process, identify and recommend qualified providers of professional services.

Objective 3: Monitor the process of design and construction.  Be the point of contact for architects, engineers, contractors, etc. Within the limitations imposed in this document, make decisions as requested by professional providers. In the event of uncertainty as to whether a decision falls within the authority of the committee, the representative of the Board may rule on the question, ask the Board president to rule, or await a Board meeting.

Members of the Demmer Design and Construction Committee:

Demmer Board of Trustees Catherine Marshall
Three Lakes Public Library Foundation Vicki Reuling
Library Director Erica Brewster
Library Staff Janet Dixon
At large Tom Asbeck
At large Mary Sowinski
At large Rosie Obukowicz