Demmer 2018!

Construction is nearly complete!

Many thanks to the support of the Three Lakes Public Library Foundation and all those who have donated to make this project possible!

Read our latest updates from contractor, Greenfire Management Services, LLC:

11-02-2018 Library update

11-16-2018 Library update

12-03-2018 Library update

12-10-2018 Library update

12-17-2018 Library update

12-26-2018 Library update

01-07-2019 Library update

The Demmer Design and Construction Committee began working with Hoffman Design, Planning & Construction on the designs for renovation and expansion of our existing 1971 building during the summer of 2017. In April 2018 we broke ground with Greenfire Management Services as our building contractor.

The Demmer has served the community well for over 45 years, but it’s time to give the building a refresh. Here’s a look at the plans:

(click on any picture to see a larger version)

Front entrance (West School Street) vestibule with handicapped access.

New “back” entrance on west side of building between library and Johnson House – entrance into Three Lakes Historical Museum reception area and access to library.  Replaces the south entrance of library off of Huron Street.

South and eastern view from intersection of West School and Huron Streets.

Floor plan – main floor of library. Main entrance off of West School Street on the east/right, Three Lakes Museum/secondary library entrance on west/left.

Lower level floor plan – main entrance vestibule on right/east, lift/stairs on left/back/west.


February 15: Bid opening

February 20: Bid award

March 19-24: Library closed – move to temporary locations

  • Temporary public library location: 1805 Superior Street, the former Choo Choo Store.
  • Staff offices and library stacks: Three Lakes School.

March 26:      Temporary library open at the former Choo Choo Store
April:              Construction began

May 8:            Official groundbreaking ceremony

January:      Projected completion of construction,

February:    Moved back into the building; reopened to public February 25, 2019. 

May:               Completion of landscaping and exterior work

June:              Official grand opening


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the Demmer close during construction?
    NO! The Demmer will only close as long as it takes to move to the temporary locations and back again – hopefully no more than a week each, once in March and once in December.
  2. Where are the Demmer’s temporary locations?
    1805 Superior Street, the former Choo Choo Store (“the storefront library”) – the temporary public library, with most public services available.
    Three Lakes School is where storage and staff office space is located. Anything that doesn’t fit in the storefront library is at the school space.
  3. What services will be available at the temporary locations?
    Most normal library services are available at the storefront library, including: computer access, wi-fi, holds, checkouts, new items, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers. Select books are available for browsing.
    Some children’s and young adult books available to students in the school libraries. Any items we have in storage at the school space are available to you by request. Just ask a librarian like you normally would to see if we have something!
  4. I want a book or video or audiobook or other item that isn’t at the storefront location. How do I get it?
    You may always ask a librarian, in person or over the phone, for any item requests, same as always! You may also request items online (if you don’t know how, click here!). Once the item is available for pick up, we will contact you (by phone or email, depending on your preference).
  5. What’s this about fostering books?
    Prior to our move, we invited library patrons to sign up to take a tote full of books home to “baby sit” during the renovation. Foster families selected books (up to 100), checked out to until January 15, 2019. Once we have moved back into our newly renovated building, foster families will be called to bring your books back!
  6. Where will Story Hour and your other programs be held?
    Story Hour will meet at 1-2-3 Lakes Dance Studio from March through December 2018. Other programs will be held at various locations in the community: at the Three Lakes Center for the Arts, Reiter Center, at school, or various outdoor locations (weather permitting). Locations will be clearly labeled in program information.
  7. I have more questions! Where may I find answers?
    Please ask! Stop in, call the library, email us at or send us a message on Facebook!