Tuesdays are for Kids and Families


Happy Father’s Day Dad’s!!!!!

This week is all about you. My dad joined me this week watch my video to meet him. Here are a two stories you can read all about how great dads are.



Here is a craft you can make for a Father”s Day gift.


See you all Friday at 10:00am for Story Hour!


This week I’m working on planting my garden. Do you have a garden at your house? Post a picture below of your garden. Or bring it to show at our online live Story Hour Friday at 10:00 am. While your waiting for Friday you can see Elmo plant a garden here


You can also listen to a story about a little girl named Lola and her garden. https://youtu.be/OC7qurRN37A


This week I’m going to be reading books all about dogs. Join Bauer, Alligator, and me for our live Story Hour on Friday at 10:00am. hopefully the listen better at Story Hour then they do on their walk.

See what happens when You Give a Dog a Donut. https://youtu.be/bBGdYKvJ2cY


Yesterday we had our first thunderstorm of summer. Did you like it? Were you scared? Here is a link to a video to explain how thunderstorms happen.


Here is an episode of Peppa Pig and a thunderstorm.


and here is a story about Franklin and his friends getting caught out in a thunderstorm.


Meet me back here on Friday at 10:00 am for more stories about thunderstorms.

5-19-20–Friday is National Turtle Day! Join us Friday for turtle stories and songs. We had fun last week with show and tell on Friday. Will you draw or paint a picture of a turtle to share this week at Story Hour? Follow the link we post and you can join us too. Also this is real life folks can we please ignore how messy my house is in the background of this video? 🤣🤣🤣

Here are some videos you can watch to learn more about turtles.


5-12-20–Hi friends May is get caught reading month. I want to see where you like to read best. post a picture in the comments below. Today I built a blanket fort and read to my fish Randy. If u want to hear the story I read to my fish come back here on Friday and I will read it to you live. Just follow the link I post later this week to join our live Story Hour.

I have a story for you about a little girl who built a fort you can read it here. https://youtu.be/M5LFCZggG7I

Ever wonder what makes a blanket for stay together? here’s a video explaining the science behind forts. https://youtu.be/7aaPBp2gw3k


This week is all about frogs. Spring Peepers to be exact.
I Love Spring Peepers they are my favorite.
here are a couple of videos to show you how tiny these frogs are
Then enjoy this story about two best friends Frog and Toad in the Spring https://youtu.be/NRehnXgb1NY
Remember Join us Friday at 10 for a live Story Hour. I will have more frog stories to share with you.

Bauer and I are out on another walk. This time we are looking for signs of spring.Here is a story about a boy and his dog waiting for spring to come. 

Join me on Friday at 10 for a live Story Hour using a new app we have called blue jean. I will post a link later this week and all you have to do is click on the link and you can join us live. We have had lots of fun see our friends and reading together. Hope to see you Friday.


4-21-20–Hi friends this week we are talking about Earth week and ways to help our our earth. One of the ways I help the earth is by composting. Watch my video to see my compost bin. You can listen to this story called Compost Stew https://youtu.be/mQvzuIiEsB4 you can have a dance party to this fun song about the 3 R’s reduce, reuse, recycle https://youtu.be/6i6PFpKQdk8
Here are two more stories about Earth Day
I hope you have a fun celebrating Earth Week I would love to see how you and your families celebrate.

4-14-20—Hi friends, when April gives you a snowstorm you make snowman. My kids and I had lots of fun building our snowman together.

Ever wonder what snow people do when you are sleeping? Listen to this story to find out. https://youtu.be/2mKrergpzdE

Also you can do the snowman poky here. https://youtu.be/uBYNtMyN_6E

One of my all time favorite stories is Ezra Jack Keat’s

The Snowy Day you can listen to it here https://youtu.be/FmZCQfeWjeQ I would love to see how you celebrated your snowy day. Post your pictures in the comments. See you next week hopefully we will be back to warm sunny spring weather.


4-7-20—Hi Story Hour friends, Meet my dog Bauer.  This week Bauer and I are reading Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, follow the link to have the book acted out by the author https://youtu.be/0gyI6ykDwds We also went on a scavenger hunt together. If you would like to go on a scavenger hunt with your family print off the list Bauer and I used below. I’m also including a link to the song Going on a Bear Hunt so you can dance along at home https://youtu.be/F6OVwsnuX-Y I would love it if your family posted a picture of you reading, dancing, or on your scavenger hunt. Happy hunting everyone!


3-31-20—Hi everyone I miss you all so very much. I am hoping we can stay in contact with our Story Hour friends here on Facebook, and maybe even make some new ones. Check back here Tuesday mornings for videos from me and links to fun activities you can do with your families. Watch the link below and post a picture in the comments of something you have done with your families at home. I can’t wait to see what you have all been up to.