STEM online

5-27-20–STEM Wednesday has a looking at what is new and exciting. How about the link below? Badger Talks Love will be doing one about plasma next week Tuesday! Tune in and learn.


5-13-20–Happy STEM Wednesday! No bluejeans call tonight guys, but instead how about this link to There are so many neat challenges in the name of fun, but also coding. Take a look around and lets talk next week!

5-6-20–In honor of STEM day, here is a website on how YOU can be a citizen scientist. This page is the project finder. You can put in your state and look for projects that you can help with. Everything from bird counting to species spotting. Get signed up and be a citizen scientist. Then don’t forget to log on to our bluejeans meeting tonight @ 5:00. Email for the call information. Those of you from the last meet-up will receive the link shortly.

4-15-20–Let’s try something different and get together to talk STEM. Email for your invite to our Bluejeans meeting and we can talk easy projects, new ideas, and where we can go next!

4-8-20—Hey guys! It’s STEM day. So lets do something with Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Click the video below of Miss April making her own homemade stylus so you don’t have to touch your tablet or phone. You only need a pen, tinfoil and a q-tip. Leave a comment if you try to make one and how it went!

4-8-20—I don’t know about you but all the home school links being shared right now are somewhat overwhelming. These are some games I found on a link and tried them with my own kids. They have been having fun with them so I thought I would share them with you because
April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month and who doesn’t want a reason to to celebrate. If you are looking for more math fun check out this link I got my ideas from.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4-1-2020—While we can’t meet for our normal programming, we can still put together things as a community. Women in STEM has been going on for a few months, and if you haven’t stopped by during a program we usually feature a woman speaker in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math field, and then we try to come up with activities related to that field. We hope to enlighten the community to these great career fields and also encourage young women and girls to seek these fields out. So, in continuing with women teaching science, we have our own Maddie Mahlerwein showing us and experiment you can do to demonstrate water tension. After you watch Maddie, get your parents to help you do the experiment! Happy Science Three Lakes