Library Statistics

Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library

2014 Annual Report Statistics


Hours Open per Week 51
Total Service Population 2,415
Registered Borrowers 2,210 (92% of service population)
Resident 1,848
Non-resident 362
Library Collection
Books in print 28,714 (added 1,617 in 2014)
Audio materials 1,782 (added 77 in 2014, )
Video materials 1,510 (added 73 in 2014)
Other materials – children’s activity kits, etc. 58
Subscriptions to magazines and newspapers 85
Total physical collection: 32,714 (13.5 items per capita)
Electronic books (e-books) 122,211
Electronic audio materials (downloadable) 28,375
Electronic video materials (downloadable) 1,035
Circulation 40,070 (1.43 turnover rate)
Number of programs 140
Adult programs 53
Children’s programs 87
Number of public use computers 8
Staff FTE (librarians) 3.25
Total operating income: $248,695
Income from donations: $9,137
Square footage: 10,000 sq ft

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