The Book Drop – 5,000 Books Before Thursday

I know a lot of families that are working on 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten – but I never dreamed of 5,000 books in three days!

Not read, mind you, but checked out.

We launched our book foster program on Monday morning with people clamoring to get in the door at 9 AM. The Lego books were gone by 9:05. By the time the TV news reporter left at 10:30, the first 500 books had gone out the door. We had people queuing to check out well into the afternoon.

The flow has evened out a bit over Tuesday and Wednesday, but still lots of excited people bringing in plastic bins and totes and pouring over the stacks looking for the treasures to be had.

It’s been an amazing week – wait, 3 days – to watch the outpouring of enthusiasm to get to do something a little different: take a boatload of books home and keep them for an extended period of time, AND know that you’re doing something that is helping out your local library in a time of need. “I feel like a kid in a candy store,” is something I’ve heard more than once, usually from a voice emerging out from behind a stack of books.

Also on Monday a crew of enthusiastic volunteers packaged up 114 boxes of our book sale books to ship to Better World Books to benefit literacy causes and get books into new homes around the country and world. They allowed us to participate in their bulk program for our moving times, and I truly hope we help do some good while also doing our backs some good not having to move heavy books again and again! (And a special thank you to our UPS driver whose family is not only fostering books, but gets to visit us 3 days in a row to haul all those boxes upstairs and load them into his truck. That’s some extra credit right there.)

My goal was to have 100 “foster families” check out 10,000 books. As of now, we’ve exceeded that 100 foster family mark (more are signing up every day), and we’re halfway to 10,000 with a week and a half to go. We might just exceed expectations. But then, what do you expect from a little library in a little town that could?