The Book Drop – A dab of nostalgia

And so it begins – 2018 is the year when the biggest transformation of the Demmer Library since its construction in 1971 is set to begin.

We’ve been planning this for years now – and down to every detail, including the location of each outlet, for months.

Yesterday I reset the obnoxious door timer after the holidays and realized, this might be the last holiday adjustment I make to the door timer.

Today I went through my morning routine of rinsing my tea mug out in the sink in the furnace room, and realized that a year from now, I’d most likely be doing that in a kitchenette sink.

Yes, this building is worn, the sewer backs up, the hot water heater leaks, the HVAC system leaves some rooms stuffy. The building is not fully handicapped accessible and is very difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. The light switches are breakers in electrical panels. And you have to walk through the large program room to get to the bathroom or the other meeting room in the lower level.

But it is the Demmer I have known and loved my entire life. It’s where I came to story hour with the big painted plywood mural of storybook characters (which is still down here in the storeroom) – though I have to admit the addition of carpet is a big improvement over the cold linoleum floor we had to put our carpet squares on. It’s where I first became a user of the internet when the school had only one internet-connected computer and it was locked in a room in the high school library. It’s where my mother worked while I was in high school, college, and beyond. I was also the first job where I knew exactly where all the light switches were on my first day.

The Demmer will still be all that it was (although I will now have to learn where the light switches are for the first time), and much more, but reality is slowly setting in. I might even miss that ugly stain on the carpet. For a few minutes, anyway.

~ Director Erica