The Book Drop – And so it begins…

This is it. We’ve officially reached the point of no return. The carpet is up, porcelain is pulled out of the bathrooms, walls are coming out. The first dumpster came last Wednesday and was full almost before it hit the ground. The guys wished they’d ordered two more off the bat, but now their second one is as full of snow as it is full of scrap.

This is really happening.

I’d been so focused on the move and tying up loose ends with making computers talk to printers in their new homes that I almost lost track of the why behind the fight with computers: this was starting.

So, it hit me rather hard when the demo crew invited me in to have a look.

Dang. It’s real now. There’s no easy way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again – now that we can see the gunk in the pipes and the damp in the walls, and now that the interior walls are disappearing, there’s no turning back now. Demmer 1.0 is disappearing fast.


Okay, now bring on Demmer 2.0!

[Save the date: the interior work has begun, but we will officially celebrate the work in a ground “re-breaking” ceremony at 11 AM on Tuesday, May 8 – after the snow melts. Really.]