The Book Drop – Life in Spreadsheets

Turns out moving a library requires a lot of organization. Who knew?

And now, much to the horror of everybody, I’ve turned to my favorite tool in times of organizational crisis: spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets for calendars. Spreadsheets for tasks. Spreadsheets for tasks on a calendar. Spreadsheets for calculating costs. Spreadsheets with contact information. Spreadsheets with colors. Spreadsheets in black and white. Multi-tab spreadsheets.

So many spreadsheets, it’s no wonder that two staff members have enrolled in a class on Excel.

But, what, wait? Google Sheets?? You’ve got those, too?

Yup, now we have spreadsheets for sharing and multi-user editing.

I thought for a while that I might be going a little bit overboard. But then I met with other library directors who have also gone through a recent building project and move and discovered that I, in fact, am a spreadsheet amateur. An Excel piker. A Google Sheets goldbricker. A real greenhorn.

In short, I have yet to print out and assemble a bulletin-board sized multiple-overlay, color-coded Gantt chart.

Sorry guys – I’ve got a lot of organizing to do so we can organize this move.