The Book Drop – What am I reading?

It’s a pretty common question when I’m working at the front desk or when somebody finds out I’m a library director. “So, read any good books lately?”

Well, I’ll tell you what I read this weekend: 540 pages of absolutely riveting (actually, I think there was more carpet glue than rivets) construction specifications.

It’s like a massive checklist of just how to tear a building apart and put it back together again.

It’s like Lego instructions for grownups. With fewer pictures.

I always understood there were a lot of details involved with building construction. But I had no idea they had their very own Dewey Decimal system for categorizing and describing each step – and each step must be customized for your specific project.

Most people probably wouldn’t have though of that as a relaxing winter weekend read, but what the architects have written is the next chapter in our library’s story. For now I can provide a little imagination until the nuts and bolts get real.

Now – no plot twists, please!

~ Director Erica