Book Fostering Update

Thanks to all of you for your care of nearly 1/3 of our library collection during this past year of construction.
We’re FINALLY nearing the time that we’ll be ready to welcome them home, but not quite yet. This past week the children’s shelving arrived and we moved some of the books from school, but we are still waiting on delivery of the rest of the shelving (cold weather didn’t do our schedule any favors, but it’s life in the northwoods).
Currently our plan is to get all the books moved out of school and downtown storefront, then we’ll put the official call out to have you bring your books back.
Frequently asked questions:
  • When do you want my books? Not yet, but most likely the week of February 18th through March 1.
  • Do they need to be in any special order when they come back? No. It will take some time, but we’ll be able to work with them from there.
  • Is there a particular day/time you want them back? No. It will actually be easier for us if the books can “trickle” in over the last couple of weeks of the month.
  • How on earth are you going to get them back in the right places? We’ve done a bit of shelf math, have plans to spread the collection out and leave space for all the returns – and we’re hoping for a lot of luck! 😊
  • Do you need help with the returns? Yes, likely we’ll be needing volunteer shelvers well into March to help us get things truly squared away. If you’re good with shelving (or want to learn!) we’d appreciate the help.
  • What happens if I don’t get my books back by March 1, 2019? We will keep an eye on books that aren’t back by the March 1 due date. If you have contacted us and made arrangements to return books after that date, we will either change your books’ due dates, or we will waive any fines as they come in, whichever seems most logical.
Also: Please save the date – we’re hosting a foster family thank-you reception the late afternoon/evening of Wednesday, February 27. We are very grateful for your help during this interesting year!
Let us know if you have any other questions:
Erica, Lyn, Charlotte, April, Carolyn, Denise, Janet