Friday Fun Day

5-29-20–Here’s a throwback puzzle to when we were renovating. Was this one harder or easier than the others?

5-15-20–Friday puzzle time guys! Here is one of Burnt Rollways Dam. It might be a little hard but we want to keep you on your toes! Have a great day.

4-24-20–Friday, Fun day puzzle coming at ya! Today is a picture of downtown Three Lakes. When you start the puzzle click on the grid you see and this allows you to make the puzzle more or less pieces depending on how challenged you would like to be.

4-17-20–Who here misses our puzzle table? We do! So every Friday I will put a customized puzzle out for you to do. Feel free to explore the website and do other puzzles. Happy Friday!


4-10-20—Happy Friday Fun Day friends! Since last weeks Harry Potter Escape Room went so well…lets try another. This one comes to us from Richmond Hill Public Library and is for our Star Wars Fans. It’s called Escape from Star Killer Base. How fast can you do this one?…/1FAIpQLSdgQSe3coQ5ga8wY3…/viewform


4-3-20—Hi everyone! Happy Fri-yay! Even stuck in quarantine your librarians at the Demmer are still looking for ways to serve you. Click below to let me say hi to you and then click on to view what I was talking about. Have a great Friday!

A little of this, a little of that!

Join us online on Fridays to see what library staff have to share, odds and ends, and other little bits of things that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Some reading, some watching, some thinking and more.

Activities, resources, and events will change each week and will continue until we’re able to resume programs at the library.

Post your ideas for things you’d like to know more about or resources you’d like to share with others!