Request Absentee Ballot Online

With the COVID-19 outbreak, voters are strongly urged to request an absentee ballot that can be returned by mail.

This short video walks you through the process of requesting an absentee ballot online.

And update to voting information as of 3/23/2020:

  • A federal judge reinstated Wisconsin’s online voter registration system late Friday, March 20, to help people find ways to participate in the April 7 presidential election amid the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • U.S. District Judge William Conley ruled the state must allow people to go online to register to vote until March 30.
  • (State officials have said it could take up to 72 hours to resume allowing people to register through their election website,   That’s presumably 3 days from Friday so the earliest is Monday, March 23 if they could flip the switch over the weekend; possibly as late as Wednesday.)
  • If you are not registered or your name or address has changed, you will need to register to vote HERE or update your registration before requesting an absentee ballot.
  • GO HERE to request an absentee ballot 
    • There is a three-step process that starts with putting in your name and date of birth, followed by requesting your ballot.
    • If you don’t already have a photo ID on file with your clerk’s office, you can upload a copy. Mobile phone users can take a picture and upload it to MyVote. Absentee ballot requests submitted this way go directly to your clerk’s office, and you can track your ballot by returning to the website.
    • Voters can also request absentee ballots by mailing, emailing or faxing their municipal clerk’s office. FIND your municipal clerk. These requests must be accompanied by a copy of your photo ID. If you already have a photo ID on file from previous absentee requests under your current registration, you will not need to provide it again.
    • Absentee ballot return envelopes require the signature and address of an adult citizen witness to be valid. Witnesses are not entitled to see how the ballot was filled out. Adult members of the same household may witness for each other. Those of us who live alone and are hunkered down to maintain social distance may need to get creative in order to accomplish this.  Buddy up with a friend or neighbor, bring your own pen to a meet up spot outside, then alternately approach a neutral space (overturned bucket, tree stump, car hood) to sign each other’s envelopes while maintaining a 6 foot physical distance.  Seal the envelope with a wet paper towel instead of licking it before mailing.  (Yes, this is the world we live in now!)
  • GO HERE to find your polling place